Our Mission 

Have you ever stood in a corral with 30,000 runners who are toeing the starting line ready to run 13.1 miles as fast as possible?  There is an energy permeating the crowd that is unmistakable.  You can feel it.  It’s electric.

Have you ever ran your hands over the individual letters of an engraving at a memorial as you discover the name of a family member?  The knowledge that their courage and sacrifice will be revered by generations to come is un-parrelled.  It's humbling.

Have you ever sat in an airplane with a parachute strapped to your back as the jumpmaster opens the door?  You can feel the wind hitting your face as you look at the world from above the clouds.  The mixture excitement, fear, and adrenaline overwhelms your senses.  It's intoxicating. 

Have you ever driven nails into two-by-fours as dozens of volunteers work in unison to build a home for a family in need?  You can feel a connection with the project knowing that what you are doing will change someone’s life.  It’s inspiring.  

These descriptions invoke thoughts of challenging physical preparation, exhaustive planning, expensive equipment, and impossible time commitments.  Thoughts of experiences that are beyond the reach of the average person.  This could not be further from the truth.  At 3 Day Weekend we believe that every time you step out of your door you encounter opportunities to experience amazing adventures. 

Our mission is to connect you with those adventures.   


Our Commitments 


We believe that people will naturally gravitate towards the adventures that will provide them with the most compelling experiences while at the same time meeting their individual needs and expectations.  

As such, we promise not to curate our event listings based on our business interests, our personal experiences, contractual agreements, or 'expert' opinions.


We believe that great adventure not only impact the people that participant in them, but also the communities in which the adventures take place.  

As such we promise to partner with event promoters, event sponsors, and event participants in an effort to generate tangible benefits for local communities.

Change The World

We believe that one amazing adventure change a persons life.  Therefore it stands to reason that hundreds of great adventures involving thousands of people can change the world.    

As such we promise to work everyday to achieve our mission of connecting you with adventure. Together we can change the world.


The Executive Team 

  • Joseph Fiega Chief Adventure Officer Email: joe.fiega@3dayweekend.com
    Social Media:

    Joe's life of adventure started long before his tenth birthday. Much to his mother’s dismay he would jump the fence in his backyard to explore the alleys around his neighborhood collecting rocks and other trinkets. In the 20+ years since that time he has explored three continents, ran marathons, summited mountains, jumped out of airplanes, roofed houses for the needy, and broken trail in some of the most picturesque wildernesses in the United States. To this day, Joe still collects rocks and trinkets from nearly every adventure.

    Joe is a founding member of 3 Day Weekend and is tasked with managing the overall strategy and performance of the organization.  Prior to founding 3 Day Weekend Joe spent 10+ years leading organizations in senior level Project Management and Information Technology roles.  He also holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Purdue University's College of Technology as well as a MBA from Anderson University. 

    In recent months Joe has shown a minor obsession with hiking to the basecamp of Mount Everest "just to size it up" and searching for long lost treasures from American History.  It's a safe bet that his next adventure will involve one or the other.

  • Allen Still VP Finance Email: allen.still@3dayweekend.com
    Social Media:

    Allen did not catch the endurance sport bug until his late twenties. Prior to that point he spent his free time playing football, hitting the weights, or joining in on pick-up basketball games whenever the opportunity presented itself. He was a stereotypical weekend warrior. All that changed in 2007 when a friend dared him to run a half marathon. Allen set his sights on the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon in Indianapolis and hasn't looked back since. After completing a full marathon, a half Ironman, a Tough Mudder, and dozens of half marathons Allen has discovered a passion for endurance sports that he insists will be part of his life forever.

    Allen is a founding member of 3 Day Weekend and is tasked with managing the financial aspects of the organization.  Allen brings more than seven years of experience in corporate accounting, certifications as a professional account (CPA), and an undergraduate degree from Purdue's renowned Krannert School Of Management.  Allen also serves on the board of directors for Camptown, an Indianapolis based not-for-profit which provides youth with opportunities to learns teamwork, leadership, and other critical skills through experiential adventure programs in the great outdoors.  

    When Allen is not providing his financial wisdom to 3 Day Weekend there is a good chance he is out rallying his friends and family to participant in a Friday morning pick up basketball game, the latest mud run, a polar plunge, or a fundraising event that will benefit a local charity or religious organization.

  • Greg Schrage VP Compliance Email: greg.schrage@3dayweekend.com
    Social Media:

    Greg has been involved in competitive sports throughout most of his life.  He was a three sport athlete in high school and was heavily involved in intramural sports during college.  He proudly proclaims that if his alma mater ever opens an intramural sports hall of fame he will be one of the first inductees.  Greg has become an avid runner in recent years and has completed dozens of events across the spectrum of running distances and event types including: half marathons, a full marathon, mud runs, and 5Ks.  Lately Greg has become the de facto 'destination runner' among the 3 Day Weekend team and actively works to make his running endeavors a social event by running with his girlfriend, family members, and other friends.  Rumors suggest that he is attempting to run a half or full marathon in every state in the country.

    Greg is a founding member of 3 Day Weekend and is tasked with managing the legal aspects of the organization.  Greg has been practicing law in both the private and public sectors for more than five years.  He has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Wabash College and received his JD from the University of Dayton's School Of Law.  


The Adventure Consultants 

  • Arrick Nietert Adventure Consultant Email: arrick.nietert@3dayweekend.com
    Social Media:

    Arrick has dabbled in "adventure" for most of his life.  Calling it "adventure" doesn't sit well with him though.  He considers it normal life.  Growing up he was always outside making forts, bike trails, shooting archery, camping, riding his bike, or running somewhere.  He spent most of his summers away at camp and visiting his grandparents for extended times.  He gives his parents a lot of credit for giving him the opportunities to do so.  He got into endurance racing with mountain biking, running, and triathlon in high school.  After college, Arrick moved to Thailand to teach English and travel the world.  After Thailand, he found himself in Arizona with his wife and two kids; and once again became involved in triathlon and running.  Over the past five years Arrick has enjoy tremendous success at a variety of distances ranging from 5K to Ironman distance events. 

    Arrick holds an undergraduate degree from Purdue University in elementary education, provides personal coaching through Endurance Company, and races for Valdora Cycles.  He is also 3 Day Weekend's first sponsored athlete.  Arrick has joined the 3 Day Weekend team in order to expand our presence on the west coast and provide insight into the unique needs of athletes across all competitive levels.

  • Jake Powers Adventure Consultant Email: jake.powers@3dayweekend.com
    Social Media:

    Jake was shoved in to the outdoors from birth, as the son of a modern day Fred Bear (i.e. the godfather of hunting), and spent the majority of his childhood chasing the furbearing an dfeathered animals of the Midwest.  Jake was a decorated high school football player and went on to play linebacker at Indiana University for four years.  Throughout his amateur and college career Jake never gave up his passion for the outdoors, hunting, and archery.  Many of his off-seasons consisted of hunting and fishing adventures throughout the US.  After graduating from college, Jake entered the healthcare industry and also became a part of a web-based hunting team.  Filming and hunting throughout the Unites States, Jake’s adventures include anything from hunting Moose in Alaska, to filming turkey hunts in Nebraska.

    As Jake focused on his passion for hunting, he was then introduced to CrossFit.  A hobby quickly turned in to a competitive obsession.  Competing in many events throughout the country, Jake has found a true passion for the sport of fitness.  The daily progression and challenge of the sport is what has inspired Jake to compete in and advocate for the sport.  Jake has joined the 3 Day Weekend team in order to diversify the unique opportunities that are available and will be assisting in the onboarding new and exciting event from the CrossFit and outdoor communities.


Our Clients