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Team Registration Closed

This is a 3 person, all female team event, highlighting every aspect of teamwork!  Prepare to surprise yourself and take your fitness to the next level at the annual Sweat Angel Showdown!

Date & Time: 7/14/2018
8:00 AM


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Fee Information

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General Information

Welcome to the 2018 Sweat Angel Showdown! Limited Spots available!

REGISTRATION OPENS Friday May 18th @ 8:00am!

The Event

Looking for an event that always has a surprise up its sleeve? You got it! How about an event that runs smoothly and on time? Count on it! An event that celebrates how strong and awesome women are? This is your event!

Grab 2 of your best girl friends and get a team together! Our goal is to have an absolute blast while celebrating the strength and awesomeness of CrossFit women near and far! As CrossFit athletes, we have to be prepared for the unknown and unknowable. This is a 3 person, all female team event, highlighting every aspect of teamwork! Prepare to surprise yourself and take your fitness to the next level in the Sweat Angel Showdown!

We have also made some amazing improvements to our facility since the last Sweat Angel Showdown and we can't wait to have you as our guest for this amazing event!

The Details

Your day will involve 3 workouts and a Finals workout for the top 5 teams. It will be fun, guaranteed!  Everyone will receive a t-shirt and then we'll have great prizes for the top 3 teams!  There will be 1 division, but don't worry! All movements will be able to be scaled with a small point change. Be assured, there will not be any muscle-ups or HSPU' least not until the finals that is! ;) At least one person on your team should be able to do pull-ups and toes-to-bar RX if you want a chance at the finals, although not every person has to have that skill.

This competition is for fun, to bring the community together, and to celebrate all of the awesome women in CrossFit. Please do not register if you participated in any 2018 Regional event.

The Workout

Coming Soon...

Organizer Details

Minimum Movement Standards

Below is the list of movement standards. Remember that you only need at least 1 person that can complete the movement. However, it might just take you a bit longer to complete the workout instead of having all 3 ladies completing the movement. We want this to be fun and an opportunity for many women!! Not all of these movements will be used in the competition. There may be a max lift or complex of some sort, which will have no minimum weight.  

Movement Female Standard Movement Female Standard
Snatch 85 lbs Overhead Squat 95 lbs
Clean & Jerk 115 lbs Deadlift 185 lbs
Thruster 85 lbs Shoulder To Overhead 85 lbs
KBS 35 lbs SA KB Snatch 35 lbs
Front Rack Lunge 85 lbs Burpees Yes
Double Unders Yes Box Jump 20 inches
Pull Ups Yes Wall Balls 14 lbs
Sit Ups w/ Abmat Yes Toes To Bar Yes
Rowing Yes Run Yes
Rope Climb Yes

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