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3 Person Teams Open

This one of a kind outdoor CrossFit competition at the Muncie FOP is unlike anything you've ever experienced featuring barbells, bodyweight, and obstacles!  You do not want to miss this one.  

Date & Time: 9/30/2017
8:00 AM


Activity Price

Obstacle Course Only Open

Complete this Obstacle as an individual. You will receive an individual score for this event and your score will also be ranked on a separate leaderboard just for the Obstacle course and against the scores of each individual O-Course racer and each teammate registered with a team.

Date & Time: 9/30/2017
8:00 AM


Activity Price

Fee Information

The Registration Fee includes amounts charged by 3 Day Weekend, LLC for providing its software and services to the activity organizer as well as actual costs incurred from third party providers for each transaction.

General Information

The Event

Are you prepared for the unknown and unknowable? On September 30th in Muncie, Indiana, Intermediate Co-Ed Teams of 3 will answer that question. This one of a kind outdoor CrossFit competition at the Muncie FOP is unlike anything you've ever experienced featuring barbells, body weight, and obstacles! You do not want to miss this one.

Spectators are welcome and are encouraged.  Bring a chair and prepare for the weather, shelters are available but limited.

Registration opens on August 1st and closes on September 27th. Space is limited so register soon!


  • - Obstacle Course Only
  • - Intermediate Co-Ed Teams Of 3 (At least 1 Male, at Least 1 Female, and one person 40 or older)

Am I intermediate?

An intermediate athlete will be anyone who can do at least some reps of the following movements/weights, regardless of age. If you have less than one year of CrossFit experience or have never competed before, we recommend consulting with your CrossFit coach before registering for the White River Games. This competition is designed for our average gym member who is new to competitions or who is not at the Rx level...yet. The goal is to try something new with your friends and keep it cool. This is not designed for Regional or near-Regional level athletes. You are probably over qualified for The White River Games if you have several of the following benchmarks equal to or better than:

  • - You compete in the Crossfit Open and Rx every WOD as an Athlete under age 40
  • - 5:00 min Fran
  • - 1-rep max deadlift 500/300 (Male/Female)
  • - 4:00 min Grace
  • - 275/185 C+J
  • - 25:00 Kelly
  • - 15+ rounds of Cindy
  • - 2000-meter row less than 6:30-minutes (Male) 7:30-minutes (Female)

Event Location

  • Muncie Fraternal Order Of Police
  • 821 S Butterfield Road
  • Muncie, Indiana 47303 (Map)

  • Additional Information: Athlete staging area available is indoors. Bathrooms available indoors and outdoors.  Event will be held outdoors rain or shine. Prepare for the weather because shelter from rain or sun is limited.  Tents and umbrellas are recommended.  Plenty of free parking available.  Lunch will be available onsite.  


Every participant will receive a custom competition T shirt. Each of the 1st place teams in each division will receive 1 custom made White River Games Hammer each as trophies and Prize packs for 2nd and 3rd. Fastest Obstacle Racing Individual will get free entry for next year's White River Games and free Spartan Race Entry.

Organizer Details


  • - Tall socks recommended for rope work.
  • - Bring your own chairs, etc.
  • - Spectators are welcome.

Minimum Movement Standards

** Additional movements may be added at a later date. **

Movement Intermediate Standard (Male/Female) Scaled Standard (Female)
Thruster 65 lbs / 45 lbs
Front Squat 65 lbs / 45 lbs
Overhead Squats 65 lbs / 45 lbs
Deadlift 185 lbs / 125 lbs
Clean 95 lbs / 65 lbs
Snatch 75 lbs / 55 lbs
Monkey Bars Yes / Yes
Box Jumps 24 Inches / 20 inches

Potential WODS

WOD 1: Get up and Go

  • - 3 rounds for Time of:
  • - Sprint Relay 50/100/150/200/250/300m  
  • - 60 Thrusters at 65#/45#
  • - This event will begin with Athlete A and C at one side of the field with a barbell loaded to 65# and a barbell loaded to 45# and Athlete B on the other side of the field. At "3,2,1, Go," Athlete A will sprint to the other side of the field and slap hands with Athlete B. Athlete B will run back to the other side and slap hands with Athlete C. Athlete C will run to the other side and slap hands with Athlete A. Athlete A will run to the other side and slap hands with Athlete B, B will run to C, C will run back to A. The athletes will do this one more time for a total of 2 sprints each (300m total). Then the team must perform 60 thrusters breaking them up however they would like between them, although each athlete must accomplish at least 1 thruster. Men of all ages must use 65# and females of all ages must use 45#. Upon completion of 60 thrusters the team begins round two of three beginning with the sprints.

WOD 2: Team Lift

  • - The whole team must find 1 RM of the following lift within 12 minutes:
  • - Athletes 40 and older: Deadlift + Clean + Front Squat
  • - All other athletes: Clean + Front Squat + Jerk anyhow
  • - *In both age categories, the clean can be a squat clean and it will count for a front squat.

Floater WOD

  • - Complete this obstacle as an individual sometime between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  • - Register for your time slot at registration the morning of the competition.
  • - You will receive an individual score for this event AND your score will also be combined with your teammates for a combined team score.
  • - There will be obstacles such as a rope traverse, monkey bars and other difficult obstacles. For those unwilling or unable to complete the obstacles there will be a penalty of some kind in exchange for the skipped obstacle.

Finalist WOD revealed!

  • - The Top 3 teams from the previous WOD's will compete in a Finalist WOD as follows:
  • - For Time: 21-15-9
  • - Burpee Hay Bale Overs 40"
  • - While one partner carries an object to a point in the field and back.
  • - On 3,2,1 Go Athlete A and B will begin 21 Burpee Hay Bale Overs. This is a movement which starts with dropping to chest and thighs to the ground then follows with both partners climbing over the hay bale to the other side however they wish. You may even step on your partner to get over. This is 1 rep. While Athlete A and B are completing their burpees, Athlete C must take an object from the bales to a predetermined point in the field and back. All athletes must complete their allotted work before progressing to the round of 15 burpee reps. At this point Athlete A will stay to do more Burpee Hay Bale overs and partner B and C will switch places. For the final round of 9 reps, Athletes must switch again. This will end when all 3 Athletes have been in each position and all the reps have been completed.